atheist. feminist. vegetarian. freethinker. senior in college. i work for i have no clue what i am doing.

I really hate taking the bus. Maybe if I think hard enough I can evolve some wings and just start flying everywhere

I just got a craving for a cheeseburger #3.5YearsVeggie

Back to work again. Let’s hope my body doesn’t shit the bed on me today!

My knees feel like they’re made of jelly. Maybe now I can finally do the stanky leg.

Being awake for 31 hours feels like being stomped on like wine grapes. I’m worn out, sore, and halfway to fermented.

RT @pzmyers: No! You have found EVIL coffee! | it’s ok, I preformed a totally legit exorcism. I stirred in my cream and sugar w/ a crucifix.

This is sucky

RT @inquotations: Over priced tall boys are my best friends. The beverage kind, not the prostitute kind.

I lost all my text messages wwaaaahhhhh D:

Old woman on the street to me:”What is this line for!?” Me:”They’re releasing the new iPhone” Her:”For free!?” #iWish

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